Dániel Bernáth

  • Hungary (b. 1990 in Debrecen)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.


In my works, I aim to explore imaging systems as reflected in different media. I am concerned with the image as both an object and an idea, as a formation both historical and abstract. I am interested in discovering how we subjectively go about constructing this formation, and – since it affects us and we respond to it – how this formation ends up constructing us. I am concerned with the image as a possible identity. The iconic or representative character of an image that prompts us to handle it differently from the way we treat any other object in the world. The way we handle images also determines our relationship to them, our attitude as recipients, as well as the nature of our contemplation. We expect something of images. My works are experiments aimed at discovery.


2009-2014 Hungarian University of Fine Arts - painter, Budapest
1990.07.17 Debrecen, Hungary
instagram - brnthdnl

Solo Exhibitions:

2018 - PURITAN FLOW, Műtő Project Gallery, Budapest, (HU)
2016 - Organimetry, Art+Text Gallery, Budapest, (HU)
2016 - Obligatory Optional / Kötelezően Választható, Budapest, UVG, Ural Vision Art Gallery, (HU)
2014 - Közérzet, Ferencvárosi Pincegaléria, Budapest, (HU)

Group exhibitions:

2017 - Eszterházy NOW, Contemporary Art Award, Ludwig Múzeum, Budapest, (HU)
2017 - Day of painting, Bálna, Budapest, (HU)
2017 - Imago Mundi Highlights, Treviso, (IT)
2017 - MFG30, Debrecen, (HU)
2016 - Living hungarian painting - Szent Adal­bert Központ, Esztergom, (HU)
2016 - Art Market Budapest, Art+Text Budapest (HU)
2016 - UP! Helium Contemporary, A38 ship, (HU)
2016 - Akkumlator, Budapest Galéria, Budapest, (HU)
2016 - Mermaids and Colorfields - Artlocator, A38 ship, (HU)
2015 - Eszterházy NOW, Contemporary Art Award -Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, (HU)
2015 - Diversitiy of Voices, ESSL ART AWARD CEE, ESSL Museum, Vienna, (AT)
2015 - There must be a window above every couch, Hermina Galéria, Budapest, (HU)
2015 - TRIP, Bratislava, (SK)
2015 - Art Market, Anonymus Project, Brody Artyard, Budapest, (HU)
2015 - Much ado about nothing / Semmi, Omnivore gallery, Budapest, (HU)
2015 - ESSL Art Award, Nominees exhibition, Budapest Galéria, Budapest, (HU)
2014 - Canvas of Veronica / Veronika vászna, Godot gallery, (HU)
2014 - Hallgatói galéria, Eger, (HU)
2014 - The curse of whatever / A mindegy átka, Budapest, online
2014 - Diploma Exhibition, MKE, Budapest, (HU)
2014 - Variations / Variációk , Három Hét Galéria Budapest, (HU)
2013 - MTA conference, Budapest, (HU)
2012 - Művészet Malom-Malomkörzés, Art Mill, Szentendre, (HU)

Awards and prizes:

2015 - ESSL Art Award CEE (AT)
2014 - Gruber Béla Award (HU)


2017 - Artist in Residence, Krems, (AT)
2015 - Mátraterenye (MTMT) Workshop, (HU)
2014 - Mátraterenye (MTMT) Workshop, (HU)
2014 - Nyilt tér, Mezőszemere Workshop, (HU)