Anna Khodorkovskaya

  • Russian Federation (b. 1985 in Moscow)
  • Currently in Vienna, Austria.
  • Artist. The winner of the Strabag Artaward International in 2014. Her work is currently engaged in media projects and painting.
 ArtStreamShop @STRABAG Kunstforum

ArtStreamShop @STRABAG Kunstforum

  • 2014
  • 60 min

  • That was a chance to buy works by artists prize winners of Strabag Artaward International of different years: Philip Patkowitsch Masha Sha Markus Proschek Anna Khodorkovskaya Cristina Fiorenza and Julia Maurer For unbelievable prices!
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    ArtStreamShop | 2014 - 2015 (co-author Lyudmila Anoshenkova) ArtStreamShop is a performance, selling artworks in «TV-shop» format. Since January 2013 ArtStreamShop is streamed in the Internet from different galleries, cafes, apartments, etc. Being in a new place every week is a part of our communicative strategy. Though, ArtStreamShop is not only a performance. The viewers have a real opportunity to buy artworks calling or writing an e-mail during the livestream. Prices in ArtStreamShop are available for a wide range of customers. The most expensive artwork by now was offered for 60 EUR - this is a unique situation, where artists offer one of their works for very special price only during one hour time of the livestream. ArtStreamShop is building an ArtStreamShop collection to support young artists, who take part in the project. ArtStreamShop is making films and organizing other activities relevant to the topic of performance. More than 50 contemporary artists from 11 counries participate with their works in ArtStreamShop. Works are being presented and sold to western and eastern private collections. ArtStreamShop participated in such Art fairs as Art Moscow and Viennafair. Besides the performance, ArtStreamShop is producing films and initiates discussions. ArtStreamShop is building an ArtStreamShop collection to support young artists, who take part in the project. Using Internet instruments and performative form in our project we are aiming to create an easy accessible network to the art-scene, bring more talented artists and interesting art spaces to the international context.