Anna Khodorkovskaya

  • Russian Federation (b. 1985 in Moscow)
  • Currently in Vienna, Austria.
  • Artist. The winner of the Strabag Artaward International in 2014. Her work is currently engaged in media projects and painting.


In my work I like to experiment with combining different elements into a single unit. Elements can be images, objects, information, as well as other artists and their art, other fields, whole communities, and so on. I wonder how in construction of the unexpected, alternative schemes of these elements a new meaning is being born. I imagine my works as abstract systems which are filled up with content over time. Often the original vision of my ideas may change, and that's what is interesting for me: the study of how the elements of the whole influence each other and the general movement, and what problems I face in the way of implementation of the project.


Born in 1985 in Moscow.

2011 -... Academy of Fine Arts. Vienna
2009 - 2010. The Institute of Contemporary Art. Moscow
2003 - 2008 Moscow State University of Printing Arts

Strabag Artaward International 2014. Award winner.