Anna Khodorkovskaya

  • Russian Federation (b. 1985 in Moscow)
  • Currently in Vienna, Austria.
  • Artist. The winner of the Strabag Artaward International in 2014. Her work is currently engaged in media projects and painting.


  • 2013
  • Acrylic on Canvas, Paper
  • 140 x 240 cm
  • Abstruction 1 - thumbnail Abstruction 2 - thumbnail Untitled - thumbnail exhibition view - thumbnail

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    Dyslexia | 2012 - 2014

Series consist of the paintings covered with the pages of catalogs, collected in shops of different towns, cities and countries. The informative and identical details are overpainted in a very exact-minimal way. Nothing more and nothing less, but to loose the pracical meaning and reach a pure esthitics of the Best- Deal-Offer.