Zuzana Zabkova

  • Slovakia (b. 1987 in Košice)
  • Currently in Giessen, Germany.
  • Zuzana Žabková born in Slovakia now based in Geramny is an artist, dancer and choreographer working in the frame of performance, video and installation.
The 7S 57 58 65 13

The 7S 57 58 65 13

  • 2013
  • Video: 2.20 chosen scenes from Seventh seal (Bergman, 1957) poster for Seventh seal by P. Ďurík, 1965 /from the previous exhibiton TO BE CONTINUED... in Turiec gallery, Suseda (Neighbour) by Kompánek 1957 -58 /permanent exhibition in Turiec gallery/

  • Kompanek's statue Neighbour is turn back to the audience and takes over the movie role of the death. Selected scenes from the Sevent Seal are reminding Skanzen in Martin. Ďurík's poster entitled hole scene.

  • The 20seventh 20seal1
  • 5.seventh 20seal 202013. 20turcianska 20galeria 20martin
  • The orbit of planets and the path of the cannon ball - thumbnail LUPE - thumbnail if all the trains would stop in the same time all the buildings would fall into the river  * - thumbnail Attitudes - thumbnail Today is Thursday tomorrow Friday - thumbnail helio x kato - thumbnail Snake on the footpath - thumbnail House fried from its floors - thumbnail To hide under the drape of dark and do invisible things * - thumbnail Až se vrcholky našeho nebe spojí, můj dům bude mít střechu / "When the peaks of our sky connect, our house will have a roof" - thumbnail Singing Pylon - thumbnail The orbit of planets and the path of the cannon ball - thumbnail Lead and follow - thumbnail Pro rRósu / Fur eLise - thumbnail Heal the world - thumbnail The 7S 57 58 65 13  - thumbnail ICHRZD - thumbnail De profundis - thumbnail

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