Zuzana Zabkova

  • Slovakia (b. 1987 in Košice)
  • Currently in Giessen, Germany.
  • Zuzana Žabková born in Slovakia now based in Geramny is an artist, dancer and choreographer working in the frame of performance, video and installation.
Pro rRósu / Fur eLise

Pro rRósu / Fur eLise

  • 2013

  • The exhibition is inspired by main plot of the Huxley's mystery novel The Gioconda's smile. Installation system follows the strategy of Duchamp's piece L.H.O.O.Q. Stretching the smile of Gioconda.

  • 62 20copy
  • Stol
  • Fur 20elise
  • 455134775 200x150
  • The orbit of planets and the path of the cannon ball - thumbnail LUPE - thumbnail if all the trains would stop in the same time all the buildings would fall into the river  * - thumbnail Attitudes - thumbnail Today is Thursday tomorrow Friday - thumbnail helio x kato - thumbnail Snake on the footpath - thumbnail House fried from its floors - thumbnail To hide under the drape of dark and do invisible things * - thumbnail Až se vrcholky našeho nebe spojí, můj dům bude mít střechu / "When the peaks of our sky connect, our house will have a roof" - thumbnail Singing Pylon - thumbnail The orbit of planets and the path of the cannon ball - thumbnail Lead and follow - thumbnail Pro rRósu / Fur eLise - thumbnail Heal the world - thumbnail The 7S 57 58 65 13  - thumbnail ICHRZD - thumbnail De profundis - thumbnail

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