Tsuyoshi Anzai

  • Japan (b. 1987 in Tokyo)
  • Currently in Saitama, Japan.
  • Tsuyoshi Anzai is a Kinetic art and video artist in Japan. He holds a bachelor of music and a master of film and new media from Tokyo National University of the Arts.
platonic machines

platonic machines

  • 2014
  • Daily necessities, Motors, Instruction, Aluminum pipe, etc.

  • The theme of this work is the relationship between instructions and the machines that were made based on the instructions given. The instructions and materials were set in the space, and the audience interpreted my instructions and assembled machines.

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  • Encouter with Doppelgänger - thumbnail platonic machines - thumbnail Leaving my machines with machine-sitters - thumbnail Sweet Dreams - thumbnail Useful Days - thumbnail Somewhere in the Ballpark - thumbnail Strangers In the Attic - thumbnail “Thanks, factory.” no.1 coke - thumbnail “Thanks, factory.” no.2 salad - thumbnail adachi oil shock - thumbnail dance steps for stool - thumbnail

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    Installation | 2007 - 2014