Clemence Grieco

  • Canada (b. 1982 in Montreal)
  • Currently in Berlin, Germany.
  • Clémence Grieco studied in Canada and France. She has exhibited in about twenty solo and group exhibitions in Canada, Germany, Italie, France and England.
Serie of tubes

Serie of tubes

  • 2013
  • Ceramic, Plasticine, polyurethane foam and wax

  • Series of tubes made ​​from different materials. A longer contemplation of these forms between organic and geometric leads us in a game of comparison between the elements. Enjoying their texture, color and the way they are built, we find them singularity
  • Ring - thumbnail Table objects - thumbnail Untitled  - thumbnail Parcours 2 - thumbnail Untitled  - thumbnail resistance against the ground - thumbnail Lines - thumbnail Wide Stratum on the Floor and Objects  - thumbnail Serie of tubes - thumbnail Parcours - thumbnail Après le feu 1 - thumbnail Composition - thumbnail Stretching and other - thumbnail Sliding Cement - thumbnail Smooth Movement - thumbnail Après le feu 2 - thumbnail Open Matelas - thumbnail Dimension Silencieuse - thumbnail

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