Dobokay Máté

  • Hungary (b. 1988 in Pécs)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.
  • I am interested in conceptual art and experimental photography, particularly through manipulating the medium and neglecting the apparatus.


Spectrum install

Spectrum install

  • 2019

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    Spectrum | 2019

In this case, I treat light as a material of art, and I primarily emphasize simple automation, the metering of the phone, and the adaptability of the device to the dialogue of materiality and sacredness, with reference to painting. I created a narrowed color spectrum that moves between red and blue, omitting the third base color. The video triptych presented here responds to amateur use of the device and its eventuality. In addition, Hito Steyerl's 'Red Alert' and Derek Jarman's 'Blue' videos. The former builds on the tradition of Rodchenko, the latter on Yves Klein and, as such, can be part of this dialogue. The three videos lose more and more elements when viewed linearly. While in the first case the architecture provides the point of reference, the camera facing the sky is clear and its obscurity can be guessed, the video that changes only to monochrome surfaces can be interpreted at most in its previous context. Likewise, the third little pulsating red movie could be anything, but we can assume the act of obscuring. The freeze-frame of the spectrum puts the color line under discussion only in the context of light and photosensitivity.