Zsolt Asztalos

  • Hungary (b. 1974)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.


I am engaged with the past and memories approaching in several aspects. Written history is the philosophy of the things that have happened. Each memory is influenced by subjectivity, however much the writer struggles to achieve scientific objectivity. The memories of the past are like separated musical notes, we compose them into music. Each era has its own melody. Each historical memory is waiting to be conceived by the future. The way of thinking about the past is the Canon. We can shape it by many aspects. The formed Canon is not exclusively about the original truth but about ourselves. In my art research I challenge the process of history editing and the Canon. I strive to shape, form and refine by personal approaches.


He graduated at Hungarian Univeristy of Fine Arts in Budapest on department of painting in 1999. His professor was Dóra Maurer. During his study he started to analyse the painting and intermedial methods in the same time. After his study his attention turned towards conceptional art. In the beginning he researched the individual personality in the consumer society then afterwards he focused on the history editing processes in different aspects including the editing of canon.

After the University he joined the Association of Young Artists in Budapest. He exposed his first solo show in the Young Artist’s Studio in 2001. Since then he has exhibited in different international cities / countries (Rome, Berlin, London, Paris, Prague, Madrid, Holland, Russia etc.)  and local shows.

He was awarded with Derkovits Gyula Prize in 2007 and has taken part in this scholarship program for 3 years. Asztalos has been engaged with Viltin Gallery based in Budapest for 7 years and was rendered in several European art shows and markets (ARCO Madrid, Artissima Blogna, Viennafair etc.). In 2013 he represented Hungary at 55th Venice Art Biennale with his video installation – Fired but Unexploded. In 2016 he was awarded with Munkácsy Mihály Prize.