Viktor Fuček

  • Slovakia (b. 1977 in Komárno)
  • Currently in Bratislava, Slovakia.
  • I am focused on the entire field of visuality. In the centre of my interest is a human as a main point around which revolves the whole history of the art. Consequently, I apply different approaches to express a complex system of a human being.


My painting combine figuration and utter abstraction. When I begin a painting, I generally don’t have an exact idea of what I am trying to achieve, but I let the final painting reveal itself as I work. While painting, I like to let the paintings develop and change drastically because I believe the surprise makes my work more interesting.


Viktor Fuček (contact: is a graduated architect who continued his studies in the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague and since years he has been actively present in the various fields of contemporary arts. His creative practice covers the field of visual arts from painting and installation to performances and extends into an interdisciplinary dimension when he collaborates with contemporary music composers to produce visual interventions. What is common all of these different kind of artistic activity is the constant effort to observe and closely scrutinize the social and ecological ambience around him to develop a better understanding about the human existence.