Tayyab Tariq

  • Pakistan (b. 1990 in Lahore)
  • Currently in Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Visual Artist



“I follow the only function, an object holds already. My only role is there as a third party to elaborate a dispute in its form and function.”

Tayyab use objects which are already in use of domestic ambiance. He argues and urges to change its permanent design to reclaim the subject of an object to criticize the function of everyday life, 'human as being a repetitive object'. He says, “it became not just culture of everyday life, it is also a wish of us to function like machine”. He often quotes Renaissance life style and brings humanism in his debates. Tayyab says “Our superior standing as a species obliges us to share knowledge, ideas, and theories to discuss and debate them in order to seek practical implementations of this ethic under real circumstances but unfortunately, humans dismiss such discussions as the unattainable wish for a utopia”

According to him we human design our life like an object which only reminds its single function everyday. In his Solo Show “Contrapposto” he said “My part in this scenario is only to upset traditional functionalities of objects” Although he refer human as object in his statement which is only dedicated for symmetrical patronized life. “An object portrays relaxed symmetry, although it charged with other non-symmetrical but non-fictional functions too. I only work in between and record ephemeral transition which separate object from its permanent functionality” says Tayyab Tariq. In the time of fast age everything has been changed so dramatically, technology changing life every day and leaving sense of chaos in one mind at one time for a short time. Even he critisezd the progress in his work (taking wrong turns back to back) says "our technological progress has focused solely on providing comfort and convenience to humans while destroying and disturbing the lives and habitats of all other creatures. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven to destroy our very climate”


Tayyab Tariq is a recipient of several prestigious awards, selected for the X Florence Biennale 2015, listed among Top “50 Artists” of 2014 out of 1300 from around the world by Blooom Award Warsteiner in Germany. His art-work explores the thematic and conceptual axis of humanity and its progress, exhibited in Venice Biennale, Manifesta 10, Saint Petersburg and Moscow. His work has found rapid success in the international market and has been widely acclaimed in the press. He has also exhibited his work in New York, Morocco, London and Lahore, Pakistan. Born in Lahore, he earned BFA in Visual Arts from Beaconhouse National University in Lahore and was recently awarded a graduate candidacy at Bauhaus University Weimar Germany.