shandor hassan

  • United States (b. 1972 in Los angeles, ca )
  • Currently in New York, NY, United States.


Shandor Hassan currently lives and works in both Brooklyn and Budapest as a photographer, installation artist and furniture designer.

Born in Los Angeles, California in 1968, Hassan was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. From an early age, he spent his youth developing his film in the high school's darkroom. In 1991 he received his BFA in Photography at the University of New Mexico. During the 1990s, Hassan was traveling across the United States to photograph America, until he settled in New York City to exhibit his works from his American series in the show, American Journey, at OK HARRIS. By 1999, Hassan was working for the Exhibitions department at International Center of Photography and later became a faculty member for the institution. Shandor Hassan also received a Fulbright to Hungary in photographic/arts in 2008 to 2009. Most recently, Shandor Hassan created MUSEUM, a large-scale installation, during the Off Biennial in Budapest.

Shandor Hassan also specialized in building and creating architecturally-inspired furniture. He has worked along side the late experimental architect 'visionary' Lebbeus Woods on several projects at the Whitney Biennial and the Cartier Fondacion.