Serena Zanardi

  • Italy (b. 1978 in Genova)
  • Currently in Genova, Italy.


What urges me to create is the desire to communicate the beauty I see in my everyday life to the largest number of people.
Ancient objects, eccentric people and pictures of strangers represent an ideal starting point for projects dealing with ceramic sculptures and sometimes with photography and video.
I like to put some irony in what I do. I think it can attract and intrigue those who will linger to look. It is an irony mixed with melancholy, creating a sort of uneasiness.
Sculptures are the reinterpretation of personal memories, the plastic reproduction of pictures, stories from family albums bought in antique markets.
I try to return value to those forsaken images, turning them into little “monuments” that, originating from a bi-dimensional model, often ill-treated by time, gain a particular “almost flat” three-dimensionality, becoming a sort of “action figures” of non-existent heroes or “laic Christmas Cribs”.
Videos and pictures are conceived as independent pieces or can be associated with a sculpture, and tell a story related to the character represented, where the themes of memory and eccentricity merge in dreamlike visions.