• India (b. 1971 in New delhi)
  • Currently in NEW DELHI, India.
  • Photographer based in New Delhi. Have had 5 Solo's Over 40 Group Exhibitions shown with various art and photo fairs. Won few important fellowships and awards. Works as photographer and teacher in New Delhi.


My work is an exploration of self & the urban environment, where we are busy creating a world of material & objects around us. The aspiration of the urban being is changing rapidly & he is trying to cope up with the material world that works in different paces for different people. We are being judged continuously in today’s world. One feels trapped, regardless of however much we try to turn our heads away from that reality. We exist in a material chaos but we work towards camouflaging the truth, we are busy creating the physical space, but mentally we are burdened by the overflowing demand of the world we live in, creating a contradiction of our own existence.


My work is based on surreal imagery & a metaphoric representation of self in the urban world. I have been dealing with the changing urbanization in the last few years & expressing my reaction towards it over the years in form of photography, Photography based digital imagery, Installation & video.


I am looking to create new works that juxtapose self and the changing urban environment of the city I live in. Here I am questioning our existence in this urban space and its affect on human conditions.

I look to photograph a series that contradicts nature and the urban space along with supplementary urban subject matter, capturing the details of various urban objects. The shapes that appear are played against the architectural surface which corresponds with the figure and composition.

my creative process originates from quiet and stillness taking the attention away from restlessness to a calm contemplation. My process demands an exploration of ideas through repetition and experimentation.


Sandeep Biswas finished Art College in 1993 & took to working with an Advertising Agency for 2 years before realizing he wanted to pursue photography as a career, which had been his love as a medium of expression since his school days.


He was awarded by AIFACS ( All India Fine Art & Craft Society) twice in 1997 & 1999 among a few others.


In 2001 Japan Foundation sponsored him for a two person show along with a Japanese photographer, following which he was awarded the Japan Foundation Fellowship in the same year to go to Kyoto Univesity of Art & Design, as a visiting associate fellow at the photography department for 6 months.


Sandeep has been a part of over 40 group shows in India, France, Germany, UK & Sri Lanka, South Korea with renowned art galleries.


He has had 5 solo shows of which 3 have been in New Delhi, Arpana Art gallery in March 2003 with support of Japan Foundation, VIART Gallery in September 2005 & April 2010. His 3rd show was at Nairang Gallery organized by Ms.Salima Hashmi ( Rohtas 2) , Lahore Pakistan in November 2006. He recently had his last solo exhibition “ENTRAPMENT” with ABADI ART SPACE, New Delhi, Curated by Jose Abad in April 2012


His works are exhibited as a part of FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA SAFOTO 2007, Texas, USA and the ARTSINGAPORE 2007 & INDIA ART FAIR 2008, 2009, 2011 & 2013, HOTEL ART FAIR, Seoul, Korea- 2010 & India’s first ever online art fair in 2011


He was awarded the Visual Art gallery, India habitat Center fellowship for photography in 2005.


He has curated an exhibition of 9 photographers "VISION BEYOND" with gallery Art Indus - April 2007, an exhibition of photographs "A long road home" with photography gallery Wonderwall- July 2007 & “A Tribute to The Lens” an exhibition of Lens based art  for M F Husain Gallery, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi


His works are a part of various public & private collections in India & abroad.


His works were published as special features in Magazines in India, Sweden, USA & Japan.



Sandeep lives & works as a freelance photographer in Delhi. He spends his time between doing commercial photography, documentary photography, teaching photography & creating his own work that he exhibits with art galleries.


His clientele includes Advertising Agencies, magazines, UNICEF & various other private clients.


He recently finished working over a year for a book on Culture & Festivals of Rajasthan for a private publisher yet to release & a book on Polio Eradication in India for UNICEF which are to  released in February 2014.


He just also finished working on reimaging People of India,( a re interpretation of the first ever published photographic book in India commissioned by Lord & Lady canning in 1850 and compiled by Watson & kaye in 1868) commissioned to him by India Photo Archive Foundation, curated by Aditya Arya


He has taught as visiting faculty with a few institutes including National Institute of fashion Technology, WLC , Delhi School of Photography, Udaan School of Photography & Apex institute of photographic excellence in Delhi & has been a external Jury/Examiner (photography) with Pearl Academy of fashion, New Delhi.


Sandeep has held workshops on photography for habitat World, India habitat Center, New Delhi & Canon Camera’s at the School of Convergence and Udaan School of Photography, NOIDA, Cadennce Systems India Ltd, Noida & Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi.