Rudolf Samohejl

  • Czech Republic (b. 1987 in České budějovice)
  • Currently in Prague, Czech Republic.


I am interested in the borders of social systems. Boundaries, an inhibited landscape, the semi-public, the counterpublic, the semi-private.  I wish to reveal the mechanisms that seek to control and delimit natural and historical space.  

I am influenced by contemporary art and my work is generated from a situational sculptural practice. I like to regard my works as sculptural situations. Using a range of materials, I assimilate processes and aesthetics from design, urbanism and architecture. My work can be described as aggregated platforms that attempt to reveal the semantic circumstances that define space. Personal, political and ontological conditions are deconstructed to reveal affected objects, landscapes and realities.  

Sculptural interventions mean the viewer is dislocated from their normative understanding of situation and space. My work exists within the interrogated relationship of habitus and remediation. Sculptural interludes can interrupt societal passivity to reactivate and liberate our relationship to all things.


Public Projects

2017 Action in Public Space « Casting », Brussels, Belgium

2017 Action in Public Space « Casting », Paris, France

2016 Action in Public Space « Casting », Bogotá, Colombia

2016 Action in Pubic Space « The Game Continues », Culture Night Tilburg, Holland

2016 Performance « 50 / 50 » with Cristina David, Museum Night, Meet Factory, Prague, CZ

2015 Workshop « Who Cares », Literární Kavárna, České Budějovice, CZ

2009 4‘33“ of Silence, Botanical garden Troja, Prague, CZ

2009 Intersection of Ethnics, Brloh, CZ

2006 Snář / Out-sight-ed, square of Hluboká nad Vltavou, CZ