Rudolf Samohejl

  • Czech Republic (b. 1987 in České budějovice)
  • Currently in Brussels, Belgium.


Samohejl classifies his works as “sculptural situations.” As opposed to installations, his works are moreso experiences than presentations, drawing their strength from an active audience and oftentimes incorporating audience interaction. Samohejl’s work is not restricted to any one medium or material – instead the medium and material are specific to the concept and space he is working with.

 In the past, Samohejl has worked with concrete, found materials, and 3D-printed objects, among others. He has worked in a wide variety of disciplines, including video, performance, and drawing. Samohejl frequently draws processes and aesthetics from design and architecture. He is concerned with the present and future, particularly dealing with issues of technology, urbanism, and mass consumption. He is most interested in the physical and mental impact of these systems on the individual.

Samohejl’s works reveal to us what goes unseen. They reveal what we take for granted: the systems that shape our lives, and yet are too large and complex to question. His situations disrupt our habits, thus illuminating and creating space to question them. In recent years, Samohejl has created “natural virtual realities,” using low-tech materials to speak about problems of high-tech. He often employs humor as a method of disruption. The unexpected size and construction of his works may undermine the context that a viewer might rely on to understand the work, thus liberating their relationship to it.

The core of Samohejl’s current work can be found in the human obsession with an abstract future and the obsessive desire to project itself onto this imagined existence.


Public Projects

2017 Action in Public Space « Casting », Brussels, Belgium

2017 Action in Public Space « Casting », Paris, France

2016 Action in Public Space « Casting », Bogotá, Colombia

2016 Action in Pubic Space « The Game Continues », Culture Night Tilburg, Holland

2016 Performance « 50 / 50 » with Cristina David, Museum Night, Meet Factory, Prague, CZ

2015 Workshop « Who Cares », Literární Kavárna, České Budějovice, CZ

2009 4‘33“ of Silence, Botanical garden Troja, Prague, CZ

2009 Intersection of Ethnics, Brloh, CZ

2006 Snář / Out-sight-ed, square of Hluboká nad Vltavou, CZ