Radoslav Dvořák

  • Slovakia (b. 1979 in Zvolen)
  • Currently in Kokava n Rimavicou, Slovakia.
  • I like stains, curved lines, rusted and melted things. After studies in a City I moved to the nature. To live by rules that our parents used to. Actually I grow in garden, take care about trees, build with my own hands. The art is a real Life to me.


All my life is a Form of art...
Born in small town Zvolen in Slovakia. However, this small town has got a satellite of the Slovac National Galery... Thanks to my father, I have used to spend my Sunday afternoons there. And when not in the gallery, then often in the forest, by our cottage.
I have discovered the magic of the art and the nature parallely.

To have a really good reason for moving definitely to that cottage, I´ve travelled the world... I´ve studied , I´ve worked , I´ve seen the civilisation.
Then I took my beloved dog and moved to middle of nowhere.
Real art,  isn't it...?

I´ve  become surrounded by beauty and goodness that helps me to rise in my works.
I´ve built a strawbale house for me, by my hands and head...
All I do now is an art.. I draw, I paint, I carve, I cut sculptures, I do music...
Even when I plan my garden I think graphically.

The world seems to me very divided... And I think  it is a big pity.