Petr Kadaňka

  • Czech Republic (b. 1982 in Brno)
  • Currently in Brno, Czech Republic.


Light and sound. They can be considered as a matter of course despite their somewhat more complex physical nature, which varies greatly in both cases. From a psychological point of view, however, one thing is in common - both phenomena are permanent human-life guides and both can influence and bend our emotions and mental experiences. Visual and sound manipulation with psychic (but also between themselves), the non-transferable experience in subsequent obsessive perceptions, the distortion of environment stereotypes and the observation of unexpected analogies, all have a considerable influence on the change of thinking in general.

Beneath the surface of all art experiments, several areas of interest can be traced:
schizophrenic state of mind caused by the pressure of contemporary society with a totally illogical alternation of euphoria and depression, symbiosis of diverse communities including their typical characteristics, especially fetishistic tendencies in the sexual field and curious worship similarities in the medical environment.


He is interested in new media, architecture (especially the area called parasitic interventions in public space) and their interdependence, both from artistic perspectives and from a sociological point of view. Since 2008, he has been continuously dealing with the musical creation, especially rhythmic components and electronics. He is currently working on a large spectrum of projects combining various forms of visual expression with sound.

Areas of activity: fleeting architecture, interactive sculptures, cinematography, sound experiments of all kinds


  • archSPACE\OFFICE Book - Rudolf Müller's M&V branch (pp. 108-117) / Texts: Jiří Hloušek, Jana Hloušková / Published by X Production in Brno 2016