Namor Ynrobyv

  • Czech Republic (b. 1988)
  • Currently in Prague, Czech Republic.


Sum up the main character of your work, your long-term interests and themes.

Namor Y.  (*290888 / Roman Výborný) is :

Painting meta-figurative and pseudo-abstract paintings, sculptures, objects.

Creating crypto-complex-multi-narrative schemes and installations that range from easy philosophy, mild existential questioning to serious trolling.

My long-term interest, as I shift through themes generated by contemporary events and generational experiences of everyday life, filtered through my various interests and obsessions, are to crash rigid ideological position (personal and social) and initiate processes of creative and cognitive re-evaluation in order to explore boundaries and interactions within contemporary society and its phenomenons and existential paradigms.

In other words, Im interested in dispersion/alienation of identity and finding/exploring authenticity in the world of contemporary society of mass-produced originality and limited series for everybody.

Describe the context of your work – what are your inspirational sources and theoretical starting points, which artists and tendencies do you consider as referential to your work.

As mentioned above, I shift through themes generated by contemporary events and generational experiences of everyday life, filtered through my various interests and obsessions.

In general it is:

My inspiration can come from sources than can offer me some unexpected narratives, points of view and understanding of some refreshing connections. Theoretical ground is often based in philosophical speculation and meta narrative analysis mixed with considerations to memory of art and cultural development through civilisations.

Try to characterize what makes your work specific, wherein lies its force, what makes it different from the work of artists with similar approaches and themes.

I dont't give a f*ck while overthinking too much. Im burried in my studio, swimming in my work everyday with every part of my human being. My mind is closely tied to every artefact and exhibition I create, rather than thinking about the position it will put me in. That amount of energy allows me to constantly develop my formal language while flowing through different themes and content, so my paintings and objects are never the same recipe and installation of exhibitions can always offer something beyond just displaying artefact, but still maintain a strong level of authenticity, and can be easily linked to my person.

What is your work process like? Do you deal with preparation and research? How do you search for your themes? How do you choose the media you work in?

I choose to explore the phenomenons of this online era through more traditional forms and offline media as I found it much more challenging to formally express oneself through painting and sculpture, two ancient forms of language with great artistic and historic memory, rather than to go through trendy new media and technologies. My main media of work is painting, but I am trying to disperse and push the formal boundaries and often find myself in between sculpture and object. While installation of the exhibition allows to further extend the levels of communicating the narrative through various ready-mades or custom made products/objects that i frequently use.

I don't really search for themes, as I mentioned in an answer above, themes are generated by contemporary events and generational experiences of everyday life, so they naturally occur. Formally I see art as an extension of language and communication beyond standard forms and with extraordinary ability and reach. With artist being a wild hybrid between magician and philosopher crossed with scientist and a preacher. Art offers a great freedom to flow throw various lifes roles and gives a great responsibility to filter it into something either inspirational or meaningful.

What is your vision for the future? How do you want to develop your work and continue your previous projects/realizations? What is your long-term goal/dream?

My vision for the future as well as a long-term goal within the art world is to further develop my work through global experience and concentrate on working and exhibiting in various spaces and institutions across the globe and building and international presence, while maintaining home studio in the Czech Republic. Along with my personal practice, I plan to continue and expand in creating and developing/producing local exhibitions and build international connections through a curatorial & networking tool/platform called PROTO-GALLERY-SYSTEMS that I founded with my fellow friends and artists Vojtech Novak and Olbram Pavlicek. Some of the long-term dreams would be laying foundations to an organisation that would provide agency and office/management services for independent artists as well as to an institute that would research special models of forward contemporary artistic education relevant for the 21st century, resulting in an inter-school MA and Phd scholar programme.


  • ART + ANTIQUES - listopad 2017
    portfolio NAMOR YNROBYV
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  • REVOLVER REVUE no. 107
    Babák představuje NAMOR YNROBYV 1988
    autor: Petr Babák