Moi Tran

  • Viet Nam (b. 1977)
  • Currently in London, United Kingdom.
  • Visual Artist


Moi Tran employs the process of ‘making’ to explore the effect of repetition on spatial claiming through painting, sculpture, installation, drawing and performance. She utilises the tactile immediacy of textile to explore states of fluctuating architectural placement and spatial composition. Her geometric demarcations, tactile assemblage and soft temporal structures describe the phenomenology of temporal space and volume through a series of circumscribed repetitive ‘making’ processes. In the use of Textiles, she examines the relationship between object and maker, beyond function she uses the roots of making to consider issues on contemporary displacement. Her work reflects a long-term interest in repetition and the effects of this action on space. An appropriation of motifs, usually derived from prosaic forms such as a line, a square or circle, reoccur as multiple handmade objects reinforcing the idea of somatic value in repetition. Embedded within the process of production Tran’s work explores the consequence of small movements on larger mental and physical placement. Recent explorations present process as conceptual indicators rather than simply a means to an end. In collaboration with performers, including movement, dance and sound artists Trans work is activated through movement and performance, reverting a fresh focus to her action based process and concern of claiming space through action.


Moi Tran Born in Vietnam, lives and works in London I use methods of making to serve as an invocation of place, of collective experience and of labor past and present. My ‘hand-makings ‘ count out time as they fill a tactual space, Investigations of line, volume, colour, texture, shape, repetition and form are imbued with a sense of questioning; concerned with the need to examine visual assumptions of the use and presence of craft and the residue of the ‘hand’ in spatial environments. Tran achieved BA Honours with Distinction in Textile Art at The Winchester School of Art and a Postgraduate in Stage Design at The Motley School. She initiates, creates and collaborates in varied works such as live art performance, dance and theatre, in addition to participating in exhibitions and residencies.