Miroljuba Panajotova Gendova

  • Hungary (b. 1956 in Budapest)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.


She was born in Budapest in 1956. Finished the High School of Fine Arts in Sofia, than continued her studies at Fine Arts Academy of Budapest. Her postgraduate studies were done on the Textile and Goblin Faculty at the School of Applied Arts of Budapest. Miroljuba is active as painter hence her real strength manifests itself in her artistic paintings. Her indefatigable imagination and creative approach to life enables her that with ease and elegance she is able to bring to life any objects on form-clothing, accessories and decorative textiles. Her tireless diligence and energy combined with her talent basically contributed to the fact, that she won the respect and acknowledgement of the Hungarian cultural life and activities.She is a member of the Hungarian Creative Artists National Federation and she is vice president of the Bulgarian Cultural Forum, hence she writes several art historical articles ans essays.Her paintings have been exhibited on several individual exhibitions at various galleries in Budapest and Vienna. She also took part in numerous collective exhibitions in Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and Bulgaria.