In the general sense, sculpture can be understood as a compact filling of an empty space with specifically shaped matter byfollowing certain rules. Since Archipenko's Attack on sculptural space by it perforation (so called negative space), plastic art went a long way. However, in Matouš Lipus's interpretation its path was one of mighty, arc-shaped trajectory, leading back to the origin.

Matouš Lipus (born 1987 in Olomouc, Czech republic), alumni of Sculpture Studio at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague led by Dominik Lang and Edith Jeřábková, work stays true to the classical forms of sculpture. He opts for basis in conventional plastic formation, actualized by original symbolic language and specific personal humor. These strategies are not in any way used subversively, but they are subtle and above all sophisticated. Furthermore, an important aspect of Lipus's work lays in traditional craftsmanship.

Matouš Lipus's style is a strong synthesis between two distinctive approaches to the sculptural medium one one hand there is the traditional use of formal heritage of classic plastic art, on the other hand his work is an epitome of contemporary thinking about possibilities and limits of expression.


Jakub Král