Margarita Angel

  • Colombia (b. 1985 in Cali)
  • Currently in Cali, Colombia.
  • It's part of the artist duo DASH/LAB


I am a multi-disciplinary artist working with video, sound, sculpture and installation. My work and research delves into collective imagery, dreams and the fear to disappear. Through illusion and the manipulation of images and matter, I seek to challenge the way in which reality is perceived.

Recently, I’ve been working with the stories and beliefs about death, omens and the idea of a Paradise, using symbols and images as metaphors of the inevitable and conceal in the search of a narrative of things where the slightest event or change of state can be transformed in visual poetry. In this way I've been developing a series of projects under the name “A poetic of death and the search for eternity”, each focused on a particular feeling about time and the existence of the matter