Marek Šefrna

  • Czech Republic (b. 1986 in Prague)
  • Currently in Prague, Czech Republic.


Sum up the main character of your work, your long-term interests and themes.
My work is mainly focused on media of drawing and photography. The performance of activities, which i execute is also important to me. It's included almost in all my works and it always tends to be recorded.

Describe the context of your work – what are your inspirational sources and theoretical starting points, which artists and tendencies do you consider as referential to your work.
I am interested in the mechanisms of viewing, whose attributes are intrusion, identity concealment, empathy and the distribution of artwork. When I focus only on the pure act of observation, it's clear to me that i have to mention artists Sophie Calle and Kohei Yoshiyuki; in their work i see various voyeuristic-artistic strategies, which are sources of inspiration for me from the beginning. I also feel relation of my work to the happenings of Milan Knížák or Kateřina Šedá, who are trying to rip their surroundings away of everyday stereotype. For example my last work "Pictures without permission" is also trying to break the barrier of alienation, which is a civilizational sign of life in large cities.

Try to characterize what makes your work specific, wherein lies its force, what makes it different from the work of artists with similar approaches and themes.
I think that my work is socially problematic, socially significant, while at the same time: urban-poetical. I see the positiv issues in the pointing out the situation, in which we are consciously exposed to different, public space. In the zone of art are such warnings, demonstartions and exposures legitimate. Much of the history of art is based on the phenomenon of viewing, observation or vision. I'm trying to re-think this great topic of viewing and to create a concept that is not synthetic.

What is your work process like? Do you deal with preparation and research? How do you search for your themes? How do you choose the media you work in?
Phenomena of slowness and concentration are important to me. My works are based on thinking, testing and studying of topics, which are related to the phenomenon of voyeurism in the relation to artistic strategies. Personal involvement, acceptance of the role of the actor is very important to me. I am verifying, what I can endure and handle. I am voluntarily getting into embarrassing and unpleasant situations. I am risking. The documentary character and all the actions in such situations are often interfering with the possibility of my failure.

What is your vision for the future? How do you want to develop your work and continue your previous projects/realizations? What is your long-term goal/dream?
I want to continue to deal with the application of the language of art and its reception from the position of lay society. I want to think about the present world and its handling of images. I want to test their social acceptance, when visuality comes to the edge of correctness in relation to the personal and intimate disruption.