Lukas Hofmann

  • Czech Republic (b. 1993 in Prague)
  • Currently in Czech Republic.
  • A professional CO2 and dust producer or like whatever.


In the course of collecting some information to write this bio, we let out one of the Black beauty stick insects, Peruphasma schultei. Pinny legs, one by one, up his Kenzo sweater, juice-pink vestigial wings. As if to propose an axiom to start speaking about the work again, he says, “It looks so nice on the sweater. But we could always say that – ‘this sweater looks nice on you’ or ‘you look nice on that sweater.’”


Lukas Hofmann (22.2.1993), was born in Prague; as a child he bounced through the Czech education system, switching to more established schools every 2 or 3 years. It was not until he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague that he began receiving any kind of formal art education. As his lexicon is that of the sandbox – “oozing,” “association,” and “texture” may come to mind, as well as his moniker “Saliva” – he is thankful for this lack of aesthetic taxonomy in his learning. It has allowed him to do things like present a fashion show before knowing how to sew, instead choosing to retool garments stolen from the wardrobes of a multinational Swedish furniture brand.

At this point, Hofmann’s work grows from the delta bordered by sculpture, performance, and styling. Though even this metaphor isn’t truly suited to his practice, as the sludge sometimes looks like tulle, and vice-versa. Being a DJ sometimes, being a model sometimes, using the Internet as the ludic medium we’d all like it to be, it is more useful to talk of Hofmann as an artist of sensibility or alchemy rather than any set discipline. His styled garment enters the intimate space, becomes it – the same could be said of a spectator to his performance, his sculpture to a room, a follower to his feed.

It follows that Hofmann’s philosophic stance is really a straddle, more of a swaying. As a skeptic, he will affirm that most of his identity-work and work-identity is performative, self-built, and discounts the possibility of truth or holding possession of one’s opinion. He’s a brand, ably navigating promotional channels and the gyres of networking. When he uses Google Maps to direct him somewhere, arriving precisely at the time it predicted, he feels he is the mediator or a piece of data for the app rather than the app being an instrument he utilises. Nevertheless, his art is laced with a trenchant lyricism – call it poetry or “nostalgia for something I don’t even know, being a cool eco-child or something.” He’s a romantic, stringing flowers through bridal-seeming construction site netting, singing “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas, holding his breath. Hofmann’s truth is mobile, existing in a community (no matter how curated), an aura (no matter how much of a currency it has become), and the existence of documentation (no matter how distended or divorced from “the real”).

Lukas Hofmann is the laureate of the 2018 Jindrich Chalupecky National Art Award. Works of note include Sospiri and Retrospective performances at the National Gallery (Prague, CZ), Phantom Limb performance at Danish National Gallery (Copenhagen, DK), big bag with Barbara Klawitter and Nico Arauner at Moderna Museet (Stockholm, SE), l’eau des algues with Nils Lange at Cabaret Voltaire, for the closing of Manifesta 11 (Zurich, CH), Enzyme at Galerie Frangulyan (Paris, FR), classic arrangement of four white roses in collaboration with Dan Bodan at the Schinkel Pavillion (Berlin, DE), Dry Me a River at a 5000 sqm cleared out Bauhaus hobby market for Plato (Ostrava, CZ) and IKEA Made Fashion, hosted at Galerie AVU (Prague, CZ). Each shows a different side to Hofmann’s focus on ritualised play, open collaboration, and the styling of a vigorous resistance to today’s sensory autopilotism.


Insect back in the box and the monstrous orchids on the windowsill watch me pack my things. In turn, I glance at his bedsheets – he sleeps on part of the textile installed for classic arrangement of four white roses. Whether it’s documentation or reuse of materials, he has a steady love of the life and afterlife-as-life of his work. I’m moved by it. I look at the diaphanous cloth strung over the glass case of Black beauties. I don’t recognize it from anywhere.

Text by Nat Marcus


1993 Born 2012-14 Faculty of Architecture CTU
2014- Academy of Fine Arts, Prague – Studio of Conceptual Art Tomas Vanek
2016- Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague – Sculpture Dominik Lang
2016 Internship abroad, M.I Gallery Berlin
2019 Korean National University of Arts, Seoul

Laureate: 2018 Jindrich Chalupecky Award

2019 Tomas Lahoda: Ad, Book, Genre Paintings, LaGuardia @futura gallery prague
2019 Marie Lueder, Miranda Keyes: Cry Uncial @karlin studios prague
2018 A guiding dog for a blind dog group show curated @futura gallery prague
2016 What's that dirt under your nails made of? performative exhibition and curation with nina kettiger, tomasz skibicki @karlin studios prague

2018 residency @jupiter woods london
2017 land art project @sterna in collaboration with are, nisyros island

Exhibitions, curation, collaborations, projects, publications, performances:
2022 Let It Go performance at CAPC Bordeaux
2021 Into the Unknown performance at Moderna Museet Malmo
2020 Skin Come Leather, Vol. III performance at S A V V Y Contemporary in Berlin
2019 Skin Come Leather solo exhibition at Art in General in New York
2019 Release of A guiding dog for a bling dog book
2019 Residency with Residency Unlimited in New York
2019 Skin Come Leather, Vol. II performance at Art in General in New York
2019 Skin Come Leather, Vol. I performance at A Performance Affair in Brussels
2018 jindrich chalupecky art award exhibition @national gallery prague
2018 a guiding dog for a blind dog curation @futura gallery prague
2018 casting direction for prague fashion week
2017 anaerobic respiration workshop @klinika autonomous social centre prague
2017 holly herndon vocal ensemble styling @wiener festwoche vienna
2017 phantom limb performance @danish national gallery copenhagen
2017 enzyme performance @galerie frangulyan paris
2017 dry me a river performance @bauhaus plato ostrava
2017 frenzied chirping 2/2 performance @pane per poveri festival athens
2017 frenzied chirping 1/2 performance @daily lazy projects athens
2017 ecocore launch performance @motto books berlin
2016 retrospektiva performance @national gallery prague
2016 ecocore narcissus publication contribution @ecocore magazine  
2016 scene afterform publication contribution @migros museum
2016 l’eau des algues performance with nils amadeus lange @manifesta art biennial, cabaret voltaire zurich
2016 laformela fashion show styling @prague fashion week
2016 what's that dirt under your nails made of? performative exhibition and curation with nina kettiger, tomasz skibicki @karlin studios prague
2016 big bag performance with arauner, klawitter @moderna museet stockholm
2016 my immortal performance with scott hopper @ying colosseum berlin
2016 soy soya performance with arauner, klawitter @souvenirby berlin
2016 shoe making performance @stredoslovenska galeria banska bystrica
2016 classic arrangement of five pure white roses with dan bodan @schinkel pavillon berlin
2016 vazena pani, krajena mlha group exhibition @photogether zlin
2016 sew into me performance @kassandras athens
2016 saliva corp. performance with pecenova, pitrmulc, pozlerova @galerie hranicar usti nad labem 2016 laformela fashion show styling @prague fashion week
2016 there’s no place like homes solo exhibition @m.i. gallery berlin
2016 private viewing performance with katerina konvalinova @tachovske namesti
2016 bob the builder performance with katerina konvalinova @berlinskej model
2016 byedixbye guerilla performance with victor tarasov @nova galerie prague
2016 lkea made fashion performance @gavu prague
2016 art students of the future styling for lukas von der gracht @knstkdm
2015 unlimited sportsforest chicas @m.i. gallery berlin
2015 forest magic nonperformance @pokoje prague
2015 hannah hurtzig mobile acad. berlin: proc mluvit se zviraty performative lecture @depo15 pilsen  
2015 holly herndon and matt dryhurst (recording): everywhere and nowhere @hamburg kunstmeile
2015 houba studios first exhi @creepy teepee festival kutna hora
2015 grow tent performanc e with javier marquerie thomas @efti madrid
2015 budeme se dusit with katerina konvalinova @studio letna prague
2015 production of too many useful things leads to production of too many useless
 people group exhibition @galeria budapest  
2015 guerilla photographic darkroom with k. konvalinova @avu prague
2014 litanie prekariatu performative lecture @berlinskej model prague
2013 virtual dj online performance @ net
2013 so, who's the artist group exhibition @plevel prague
2013 gothic kitchen installation with a. hoskova @mark divo's house kolin
2013 gothic kitchen event with a. hoskova @ini gallery prague