Lucia Tallova

  • Slovakia (b. 1985 in Bratislava)
  • Currently in Bratislava, Slovakia.



Lucia Tallová (1985) has for some years already belonged to one of distincitve figures on Slovak contemporary art scene. Acknowledged by a pecular painting style, characteristic motif of sentimental landscape, monochromatic colour and precise technique. She had very quickly found her place almost the outstanding figures of Slovak visual art scene. After finishing high school education at Jozef Vydra School of applied arts in Bratislava, she continued to study in studio of prof. Ivan Csudai, akad.mal. at Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (2005-2011) graduating with a masters degree. Young painter developed an extraordinary and specific painting style through the years of study as well as over her ongoing creative career, thanks to which she is recognizable in the pleiad of young Slovak painting, to professionals and even to laics at the first sight. Within the present accomplishment honored with multiple awards (TATRA Banka Art award 2016, Strabag Artaward International 2010, VUB Trust – Painting of the Year 2013) and she exhibited a respectable number of solo shows (Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Ostrava, Hongkong,..)

Complex cycle of paintings, collages and objects with an overlap to painting. The title of the exhibition casts a hint to an unclear situation which had already happend or is about to cave in. It slowly immerses us to a story. Smoke, dust, flying ash, stoic peace, a stormy sky, empty city, spilled out water-table, symbols of the apocalyps... Unman architecture, horizons in contrast, play of perspectives, freezing nothingness. Neverending black and white landscapes intersecting with the dramatic vault and creating a mysterious tention before the storm. Lucia ́s paintings are a time-laps of nostalgic landscapes which are seizing to listen to an unspoken lyrical tale. Dynamic abstract watercolor sections alternate with realistic architecture and fragments of romantic lace depicted just in a touch like a recognized raster giving the required depth to space. Lucia ́s advancement in monochroma is visible when looking at the custardy pink horizons which underline the feminity and sweetness of nostalgic memories even stronger. Multiplied by application of old family photographs, they create rather personal archive of author ́s ficitive memories of places which she had never visited. Rythm of static lands is emphasized with changing formats just like particular themes they describe, from widescreen views of the landscape to ́ ́zoomed ́ ́ cut-outs of the stormy clouds or spilled water level. We are gradually getting along from intimate minimalistic collages to wide scale plane where the black flowing parts shift to white rythmic pauses. In playing with perspective, layering and finding surprising depth in pieces, achieved in fold of the layers flashing in various definition, just like watching an unclear land through an objective of a camera. Particles of burnt paper emerging from the canvas, black leakage, ribbons, pools of colour, spilled paper, are parts of a natural progress regards to last decorative elements of lace, rose, perl or a tear – apparent refences to feminity, romanticism and sentiment, so typical of Lucia. A new dimension in Lucia ́s making is movement to space, even though the painting remains predominant to every other displayed aspects, from photographic colage to atypic objects of painting and video-evoking moving cut-out from a seaside photography. Clear scenography, repeting themes and decorational elements are bordering the pure aestethics of contemporary design and moving the author ́s series to a new posture in expression. From industrial land and predominant urbanism, Lucia is slowly moving towards natural sceneries inspired by monumentality of endless ocean. Apocalyptic scenes of unman land showing a harbor, a hangar, lighthouses slowly sinking into the ocean which will swallow them up in while. We are found in a kind of intermission in an ongoing story with blurry beginning and end. 


Lucia Tallová

23. 11. 1985 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Lives and works in Bratislava.


2005 - 2011 Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava,

                     Department of Painting and Other Media, studio of Prof. I. Csudai

2001 - 2005 Secondary School of Applied Arts and Design in Bratislava,

                     Department of Sculpture and stonecarving


2016 - TATRA BANKA Foundation Art award - Young artist

2015 - NOVUM Foundation Award, finalist

2013 - Painting 2013 VUB Foundation Award to Young Artists for Painting - 1st place, Slovakia

2012 - One-year grant for fine art graduates, Revolving grant system Artservis, Slovakia

2010 - Strabag International Artaward 2010 - winner of recognition, Austria


2014 - Regular Line Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California / 4th July 2014 - 21th July 2014

2011 - Strabag Artstudio, Vienna, Austria / 1th August 2011 - 30th November 2011

Selected solo exhibitions

2016  - Archive of fictional memories, Synagogue, Stupava

2016 - Before the beginning after the end, Kasarne , Kulturpark, Košice, Slovakia

2016 - Flowers and sea, Levoča City Gallery, Levoča, Slovakia

2015 - Sea, Nevan Contempo Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2015 - Devoid Places, Nitra Gallery, Nitra, Slovakia

2015 - Black Roses, SODA gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2014 - Dear Darkness, Schemnitz Gallery, Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia

2014 - She does not know how much strength she needs to overcome herself, Magna Gallery, Piestany, Slovakia

2014 - Tears By The Black Pearl Revives, Vernon Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2014 - Skydivers, brides & wheels, Chimera - Project, Budapest, Hungary

2014 - Porcelain Roses Gallery Danube, Bratislava, Slovakia

2013 - Paper Stories, Artotéka Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2013 - My Tears Have Turned to Snow, INDUSTRIAL Gallery, Ostrava, Czech Republic

2012 - Does not stop, Gallery of MA Bazovský Trenčín, Slovakia

2011 - Schwarzer Regen, HotDock Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2011 - Bitter Sweet, SODA gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2011 - Blur minds, clear sights, Záriečie Station, Žilina, Slovakia

2011 - I can not sleep again, Galeria House of Journalists, Bratislava, Slovakia

2010 - Hidden grace of black stories, Strabag Kunstforum, Vienna, Austria

2009 - Sweet City Gallery of Ján Koniarek, Club 3, Trnava, Slovakia

2009 - Tallová Lucia, Grand opening SODA, SODA gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

Selected group exhibitions

2016 - Polite girls are not looking, Galérii Baníckeho múzea v Rožňave, Rožňava, Slovakia

2015 - RESERVED FOR FUTURE, The Orava Gallery, Dolny Kubín, Slovakia

2015 - 50 Years Young!, TheNitra Gallery, Nitra, Slovakia

2015 - 10 Years of Painting, VÚB Fundation, Castle of Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia

2015 - A Touch of California, Platform 1-12, Topoľčany, Slovakia

2014 - Vis-à-vis, ECOAR gallery, Vienna, Austria

2014 - One Step Forward Vol.3, INDUSTRIAL Gallery, Ostrava, Czech Republic

2014 - I CAME, I SAW, ... Apricity Gallery, Santa Cruz, California, USA

2014 - Young Slovak Art Show, 4th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow, Russia

2014 - Darker than Black, SODA gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2014 - Poetics of the periphery, Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava, Slovakia

2013 - Home sweet home, SODA gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2013 - Painting 2013, Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2013 - One Step Forward Vol.2, The Brno House of Arts, The House of the Lords of Kunštát, Brno, Czech Republic

2013 - PANEL STORY, Bratislava City Gallery, Palffy Palace, Bratislava, Slovakia

2012 - Trauch Dich Kunst, Kuchling Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2012 - Indefinite Scenery, Medium Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2012 - 6th Zlín Youth Salon 2012, the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín, Zlín, Czech Republic

2012 - Indefinite Scenery, Gallery of MA Bazovský, Trenčín, Slovakia

2012 - As You Do not Know Them, Youth Gallery - Nitra Gallery, Nitra, Slovakia

2012 - Back to the Real Photoport, Bratislava, Slovakia

2011 - Consistent, Orava Gallery, Dolny Kubin, Slovakia

2011 - Exhibition of Diploma works 2011 The House of Arts Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia

2010 - Painting 2010, the Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2010 - INTER-VIEW, Nitra Gallery, Nitra, Slovakia

2010 - Fragile Eternity, Ateliers Pro Arts, Budapest, Hungary

2010 - ART NOW, barracks Kulturpark, Košice, Slovakia

2010 - Exhibition of the prize winning works, Strabag Kunstforum, Vienna, Austria

2010 - One Step Forward, Medium Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

2010 - Parallels, Barcsay Hall, Academy of Fine Arts Budapest Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2009 - PRAGUE !!! Gallery Start, Uhonice Studio, Prague, Czech Republic

2008 - Academy of Fine Arts / Applied Arts, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in PragueGallery, Prague, Czech Republic


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