Luca Sára Rózsa

  • Hungary (b. 1990 in Budapest)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.
  • 2012-2017 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest 2015 University of Fine Arts, Kraków (PL) 2009-2012 Eszterházy Károly College, Visual Arts, Painting Eger 2011 University of Arts and Design, Cluj Napoca RO



My interest is limited to questions associated with existence. The everyday phenomena of the experienced (materialistic) life match in me with the metaphysical formula of the unknown reality and distort to a grotesque, self-ironic image. Faith and church, time and space, love and vulnerability, death and remembrance: despite the ordinaryness of these concepts, when it comes to judging or deciding our resolution concerning them, we move between the extremes.

My creative method, an almost physical identification with the painting, the row of undertaken (or the visually remained) reconsiderations witness the dilemma that breaks my mind as well in connection with the topic above. I am seeking for answers, I am trying to grasp, to define life but I do not get to final (fatal) statements. The misgiving hiding inside of me and the fears that come with it absolve by the joy of painting.




Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Painting
Master: József Gaál

University of Fine Arts Krakow, PL



Eszterházy Károly College, Visual Arts
Masters: Erzsébet F. Balogh, Tamás Kopasz, Borgó

Thesis: Lajos Vajda Studio of Szentendre

Universitate di Arta si Design, Cluj Napoca

Solo Exhibitions

- „From the Leányka street” with Adrienn Dér, Roots Budapest 2017

- „The Gentle Barbarian” with József Gaál, Város Boltja Gallery, Budapest 2015

- „The Map and the Territory” Labor Gallery, Budapest 2014

- „Seeker” solo, Dalmát, Szentendre 2013

- Master and Disciple ex., Salon Karinthy, Budapest 2012

- „Random Tales”, Dalmát, Szentendre 2011

- „Self portraits”, HK Gallery, Eger 2011

Group exhibitions


-         Entré 2017, Mikve, Buda Castle, Budapest
-         Best of Diploma 2017, Reök Palace, Szeged (HU)
-         Best of Diploma 2017 MKE Budapest
-         „GÉM//GAMEkapocs” MODEM (Modern and Contemporary Art Museum), Debrecen
-          „Private oasis” MAMÜ Gallery, Budapest
-         „Pressure makes diamond”, Aula MKE, Budapest



-         „Aura Exotic” A.P.A. Gallery, Budapest
-          Fundamenta Amadeus awards exhibition, Hungarian University of Fine arts
-          Ari Kupsus awards exhibition, Ari Kupsus Gallery
-         Csók István memorial exhibition, The Castle Garden Bazaar, Budapest

- „There must be a window above every couch” Hermina Gallery, BUdapest
- „Studio Discussions”, Godot Gallery, Budapest
- „Third and Fourth year”, B52 Gallery, Budapest
-         Pakk Art, Defo, Budapest


- Pakk art, Higgsfield Gallery, Budapest
- MTA, group ex.
-”Gén-Tér-Kép” group ex., Artus Studio, Budapest
- Fundamenta Amadeus ex., Barcsay hall, MKE, Budapest


-„Flaszter Csalamádé”, group, Szentendre open air
- „Friends draw”, group, MüSzi, Budapest

- Without title, group ex., Flóra Hotel, Eger
- „Quint”, group, Dubai
- Final Exhibition, Templom Gallery, Eger
- Exhibition from the workshop of Erdősszőlő, group, Zsinagóga gallery, Eger

- Albac 21, group, Cluj-Napoca
- Erasmus exhibition, Casa Mate, Cluj Napoca
- Ekf group ex., Ráday street gallery, Budapest
- Winter Expo, group, Miskolc
- „Naturally” nature art group ex., MagArt, Aggtelek, HU



Erasmus scholarship, Kolozsvár 2011

Erasmus scholarship, Krakkó 2014
Fundamenta Amadeus Prize 2014
István Csk Award I. place 2015
Fundamenta Amadeus Prize 2016
Republic Scholarship 2016/2017

Béla Grúber Prize 2017