Lilla Kuizs

  • Hungary (b. 1987 in Szolnok)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.


„doesn’t say, doesn’t mean and doesn’t symbolize”

 My paintings are creating words without the least possible assimilation to any usual regularity or following any system, thus the emotions and moods that can be discovered in this world by the spectator are ideally not controlled by the creator. 

The creative process is not nourished by - in a nonmaterial sense – a profit motive. During the birth of an artwork, the painting itself doesn’t want to be beautiful, doesn’t want to comply, doesn’t want to elicit specific emotions or throw light on certain relationships in life.

The creative process is however motivated by remission, and simple feelings, like intuition and the general idea of doing something because it seems the right thing to do. The artwork tries to approach the audience selflessly and humbly. It gives the opportunity for everyone to take a journey in a world not controlled by conventions and habits, thereby entering the path of self-discovery.

The artworks are not information, but environments. Their title is like a brush stroke, also part of the environment. It is the door handle with which our curiosity opens the door to a new world. So the quasi-message of the paintings is the message of the spectator itself. It is actually a self-reflection of our own emotional world and fantasy.