Kristóf Giczy

  • Hungary (b. 1986 in Budapest)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.



If we want to create something with artistic intention, than we should agree with S. Kirkegaard, who says, that far behind the world we are living in, there is an other world. The artpiece is showing something from behind the directly perceived reality, and it’s aim is to bring closer this remote and latent world. If it succeeds, than everyday things get into a new dimension. When I am establishing a social criticism, I examine the roots and the antecedents of the social phenomena, and this makes it possible to discover not only transitory and momentary problems, but such problems which can be debated in historcial context. Art has to deal with the most remote, even the hidden interrelations as – however it wants to address the contemporary audience- it’s aim is also to create something everlasting.