Koen Soberon

  • Belgium (b. 1971)
  • Currently in Belgium.
  • My intention is to produce a creative platform where suggestion encounters interpretation. It is a dialogue between maker and viewer


Photography :

Soberon Koen: born on March 9th - 1971,

In his conceptual art Soberon goes deep into the psyche and soul. He searches for earthly, dialectical and transcendental substances within human nature. Furthermore he tries to maintain the balance in a dualistic manner. Black against white, hard against soft, everything is put into perspective and is logically structured. He creates a creative platform where suggestion encounters interpretation. It is a dialogue between maker and viewer. No one has to be an art specialist to be able to understand Soberon’s work. Because of the natural flow and clear voice in his work the viewer is able to absorb the meaning from the first encounter. It offers an introspective analysis of the entire society. 


The human psyche is the main theme in the works of Koen Soberon. What Koen Soberon implies in his works is free for the beholder to interpret. As a artist he creates an environment that can be confronting for spectators of his works. In a way he aims to grab the viewer by the throat and let him discover his own self.  Thoughts, questions and remarks rise up and translate themselves in presumptions, words and concepts. Emotions crash into the age old questions of life. Competing layers of meaning stimulate the viewer to find the right answer of what he reads and sees afterwards (or vice versa). Which isn’t necessarily the same thing Koen Soberon saw.  Silence holds solitude and confinement results in insight. Illusion becomes truth or not at all. Predestination is undeniable, be it with the involvement of luck. Time passes, time gets taken away.   By doing so the viewer aligns with what Koen Soberon has put to art. “The more sand has passed through the hourglass of our life, how clearer we can see through.”  

Ann Bé.


  • Catalogue biennale austria 2016 Vienna
  • SELF festival catalogue/Venice 2015



  • Diplomatic World  nr. 47  2015
  • Diplomatic world nr 48    2015