Kamila Kraus

  • Poland (b. 1979)
  • Currently in Warsaw.
  • CONTEMPORARY ARTIST / Abstract Painting




 1979, Poland

Painter, photographer, singer and song-writer living in Warsaw.
 Her paintings and photographs gained international recognition
among art lovers i.e. in New York, Vienna and Madrid.
In her creative process she has lately cooperated with Natalia LL
(Natalia Lach-Lachowicz)a prominent Polish artist.
In 2006 Kamila graduated The Faculty of Arts Institute of Visual Arts UZ,
with a Master of Fines Arts degree in painting and photography.
Next to fine arts, she is also heavily involved in songwriting,
music production and performing as a singer.
In 2010 she debuted with her first music album “Brajlem”,accompanied by a booklet of lyrics written entirely in Braille - a pioneer idea on the Polish music market.
This unique project was co-created with a number of talented artists,
 among them. Kamila’s music career path begun in Wroclaw (Southern Poland) as a solist at The Musical Theater Capitol.
She worked with top Polish directors, choreographers and musicians,
 i.e. with the internationally acknowledged jazz pianist - Leszek Możdżer.


  • "I’m striving to give back to the surroundings positive energy I got." 
    Kamila Kraus
    Eliza Chojnacka: I appreciate people who follow their passion and perceive The World through a filter of their core values. 
    What values help you and inspire you to create?
    Kamila Kraus
    : Love to what I do professionally and deep affection to the World/ Universe help me create art.
    Painting, taking photos, creating music also fulfill my inner, deeper needs. I don’t calculate.
    I create because I respect the Universe, nature, people. I pay an homage, by doing my job the best I can while giving back what I had received -positive energy and inspiration.
    .: You’re a multi-talented artist.
    How is it possible that one soul can store so many, beautiful, universes?
    K.K.: I’m humbled, thank you. I’m happy to be perceived this way by you. Not sure whom do I own so many talents. Was it because the stars aligned, I got good genes, or maybe I lived my previous lives well. I can surely say that I've always been a ’seeker’. Something/ or someone was encouraging me to embrace different paths and try new things in order to express myself.
    E.Ch.: How did it all start and which type of art attracted you as first?
    K.K.: Painting and music. The rest is an outcome of symbiosis of sister arts - photography stem from painting, painting was in a straight line inspired by music, (you still can paint with sounds!) and the other way round.
    E.Ch.: In 2010, you released your first album „Brajlem” (“Braille”). It’s a mix of jazz and classical music, enveloped in poetry.
    How did you choose this style?
    .: I aimed at creating awareness around the blind people. Very often they are invisible for our society, although their emotional landscape and the sensitivity creates a bridge, or should I rather say web connecting us all. The title „Brajlem” is a metaphor of love, which is the alphabet of what remains ‘unseen'.
    E.Ch.: Your songs use poems of Halina Poświatowska and Zbigniew Herbert.Are they your favorite Polish poets?
    K.K. : At that time, when working on this album,
    I found in their poems exactly those emotions and words I was looking for. Both, Poświatowska and Herbert are close to me, as the felt same way, the perceived the world in a similar manner.
    E.Ch.: What happened since your debut in 2010? What are you currently working on?
    : All I was dreaming of came to be: I’m working on my follow up music album, I meet creative, interesting people. I spend a lot of time painting.
    .: When looking at your paintings I feel they are full of hope. They are also very minimalistic. Do you think that minimalism is a sufficient way to convey a message?
    : I appreciate your compliment. I guess if we only had minimalism may be the streets would be cleaner, calm, without the noisy advertisements, speaking to people on a sophisticated visual level only, without words. I like minimalism - but just as one of the ways of expressing the richness of life.
    E.Ch.: How would you rate the Art Market in Poland?
    : We have a lot of talented people who creator beautiful things: musicians, painters, but the promotion of those in Poland and also abroad is not our strongest asset. I dream that one day, maybe tomorrow, suddenly their work will flourish and find buyers, admirers.
    : I agree with your opinion ... I thank you for this, it agreed to an interview.
     2015_Kamila Kraus was interviewed by writer, journalist , blogger Eilza Chojnacka.