Judit Kis

  • Hungary (b. 1988)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.


My works are exploring the possibilities how to integrate my continuously constructed identity into society and documenting how I keep stretching my boundaries when presented with existential problems or emotionally difficult situations. With my intention to be transparent and embrace vulnerability, I would like to deepen the perception of the subject to a very personal and intimate level. The videos are illustrations of my writings, thoughts and my personal improvement. The works are quiet immaterial but in order to set up my video-performances I often create objects and build installations. Recently I started to create bricks from different materials that are signed by words reflecting both to their composition and human traits. My idea is to symbolise the elements of identities and the burdens of repetitive patterns. My practice is not only a self-healing process, but it also allows the audience to discover familiar patterns within their own life experiences concerning human relations and love affairs.


Judit Kis finished her MA studies in Intermedia Art at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts where she also received a degree in Fine Art Theory and Curatorial practices. During her studies she completed a term at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. In the past few years she participated in short residencies and exhibited internationally including London, Berlin and Stuttgart. In 2016 she had a solo show in Geneva and took part of the TIMEBASE media art exhibition at New Budapest Gallery. In 2014 she spent a year in Shenzhen, China where she worked in art and museum education. She has a variety of works inspired by her private life experience as well as observations of public situations.