Ji Eun Lee

  • Korea, Republic Of (b. 1984 in Seoul)
  • Currently in Duesseldorf, Germany.


Space is like air for me. The air, which is always in a movement, is composed of several smaller components like the bricks of a house. The components flow back and forth, for example when you open windows or doors. A space is always divided into two parts for me - internal and external space. These two parts can interchange with each other. For example, when I go shopping, I observe the function of the plastic bags that hold the groceries, which are taken out by me at home. Here you can consider one grocery as one space. This interchanging position of internal and external space in its casualness is very fascinating for me.

I am particularly interested in the boundary that lies between two spatial states. This boundary can be very sensitive and fragile, which becomes clearer when I practically handle the density of the structural surface. In this moment the space will also be visible and clear, so it does not remain abstract. For example, if I shake someone’s hand, a temporarily sensitive area arises in this moment between both hands. From this moment I try to bring this inside area to the outside so that it is no longer invisible.

Recently I started to work intensively with the theme ‘house’. Firstly, the house is a space, which is clearly separated in the inside and the outside. Further, I am interested in the walls in the house and their function. The wall divides a space into two parts and at the same time the wall is also a space itself. In the same way the distances between people could be considered as independent spaces, this may be physically, emotionally or mentally. We can imagine a building where many people live together, who have different distances to each other. Only because of the walls people can do something in private or intimate in their own rooms, such as taking a shower, drying their hair or sleeping. Such a spatial division by a cement piece is very important in our lives because thereby we feel comfortable - like at home. I would be very interested to work further on this phenomenon.