Jedrzej Cichosz

  • Poland (b. 1985 in Gdansk)
  • Currently in Gdansk, Poland.


Recently I had made work concerning Polish experimental, avant-garde theatre maker Tadeusz Kantor. Performance where I choreograph the basketball movements. It was to take them out of the sport context and bring the movements into my performances. Installation/Performance Szalona Lokomotywa showed for Legacy of Kantor in Scotland held in Edinburgh 2015 where : 'Strangeness of the form, non-linearity and lack of harmony have to shake the spectator to confront him or her with the unknown and make a deeper experience'. Random topics and rejection of the logical consequences of individual performances , deformation , lack of chronological consequences in action are the main elements that are interesting for me. I showed this performance for the second time in International Museum of Naive Art of Anatol Jakovsky in Nice, 2015.

Inspired by Biomechanics of Vsevolod Mayerhold, Jonathan Messe, Frank Zappa, and the artists of the avant-garde movement COBRA (1948-51) like Karel Apple and Constant Nieuwenhuys. Painting, sculpture and sound is always present in my practice, where I experiment paralelly. A Text Homo Ludens of Johan Huizinga, about importance of the Game and Play in the society is very significant for me too.


I am an artist and Basketball referee who often works collaboratively across a range of media, making paintings, performances and music. I  studied at the National School of Fine Arts, Villa Arson, Nice; Tartu Art College, Textile Department, Estonia; University Joseph Fourier, Water Treatment, Grenoble, France; Gdansk University of Technology, Department of Chemistry, Environmental Protection and Management, Gdansk.