Izabela Aleksandra Leska

  • Poland (b. 1989 in Zabrze)
  • Currently in Katowice, Poland.
  • born in 1989, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland (diploma with honors in 2013). She studied as well at the École Supérieure d'Art de Clermont Metropole (Clermont-Ferrand, France). Creates graphics, objects and texts.



  • Vice-versa or the story of Hércules Florence, Pawilon Sztuki , Warsaw, Poland.


  • Subjective walks, Wozownia, Torun, Poland.
  • Subjective walks, Gallery Pusta, Katowice, Poland.
  • Zofia, Rondo Sztuki, Katowice, Poland.


  • Subjective walks, Niederlassung / Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, Germany.
  • From under a long dark eyelash , Galerie Půda, Těšín, Czech Republic.
  • A FE! , Gallery MD_S, Wroclaw, Poland.
  • Non-stop , Centrum Promocji Młodych, Czestochowa, Poland.
  • Cre/ations , Gallery 81 Stopni, Warsaw, Poland.


  • The importance of the rose , Gallery Pojedyncza , Katowice, Poland.



  • Jeune Création Européenne, Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso Museum, Amarante, Portugal.
  • Connect, Rondo Sztuki, Katowice, Poland.
  • Biednale 2017, Fundacja Bęc Zmiana, Warsaw, Poland.
  • Jeune Création Européenne, Museu de l’Empordà, Figueres, Spain.
  • Jeune Création Européenne, Eglise San Francesco, Como, Italy.
  • Ludzie z gumy, Rondo Sztuki, Katowice, Poland.
  • Currents / Undercurrents , Meramec Gallery of Contemporary Art, Saint Louis, United States.


  • Connect, Hornsey Town Hall, London, United Kingdom.
  • Still life, Gallery Propaganda, Warsaw, Poland.
  • Osten Biennale of Drawing, Museum of Drawing, Skopje, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of.
  • X, Centrum Rysunku i Grafiki im. Tadeusza Kulisiewicza, Kalisz, Poland.
  • Jeune Création Européenne, Brūzis, Cēsis, Latvia.
  • Leaven, Gallery Szara, Katowice, Poland.
  • Bienniale of Neglected Life Form / / Munich / DE, Das KloHäuschen, Munich, Germany.
  • Jeune Création Européenne, Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw, Poland.
  • Visions of Nature, Oxford House, London, United Kingdom.
  • Peculiar input, Gallery Aula, Poznan, Poland.
  • Jeune Création Européenne , Kunstbygningen , Vrå, Denmark.


  • Jeune Création Européenne 2015, Centre Culturel Le Befroi , Paris, France.


  • 10 years have passed ... Best diploma 2004-2014, Gallery Centrum, Cracov, Poland.
  • Night activities, BWA , Katowice, Poland.
  • Usb Shuffle Show, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, Germany.


  • Passion For Freedom, Embassy Tea Gallery, London, United Kingdom.
  • Space as a Tool, Zamek Sielecki, Sosnowiec, Poland.
  • I Art Encounters, urban space, Cieszyn, Poland.


  • Born 1989 in Zabrze, Poland.
  • Lives and works in Katowice, Poland.


  • 2012 - 2012
    École Supérieure d'Art de Clermont Metropole , Clermont-Ferrand, France
    ERASMUS in installation
  • 2008 - 2013
    Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Katowice, Poland
    Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Arts


  • 2017
    winner of a second prize in International Contest for Experiment in Visual Arts Trial 3
    Galeria Sztuki im. Jana Tarasina, Kalisz, Poland
  • 2015
    selected for Jeune Création Européenne
    Jeune Création Européenne, Paris, France
  • 2014 Featured Artists November 2014, United Kingdom
  • 2014
    Award of the Mayor of Gliwice for achievements in the arts
    Mayor of Gliwice, Gliwice, Poland
  • 2014
    shortlisted for Passion For Freedom 2013
    Passion For Freedom, London, United Kingdom
  • 2014
    Best Diploma 2013
    MTG Cracov, Cracov, Poland
  • 2013
    a finalist of Hestia's Artistic Journey 2013
    Sopot Insurance Company, Sopot, Poland
  • 2013
    winner of the first prize at the I Art Encounters in Cieszyn
    Foundation of Social and Cultural Animation, Cieszyn, Poland


  • 2016
    Artist-in-residence and Crédit Agricole scholarship, Centre Culturel Le Befroi, Paris, France
  • 2014
    Artist-in-residence, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, Germany


  • Centre Culturel Le Befroi Collection, Paris, France