Geza Ricz

  • Serbia (b. 1980 in Subotica)
  • Currently in Salzburg, Austria.


Ricz’s recent works are defined by opposites. The contrast of damaged and sterile, old and new, figurative and abstract, organic and geometrical gives the essence of his new paintings. This contrast is characteristic of his colour scale as well. Close to monochrome, black and grey shades are faced with the hint of sharp, bright coloured shapes. The artist applies the image cut and layering technique of collages to create an unusual contrast to his oil paintings.

The artist's themes are based on long gone matters, old memory fragments and abandoned places that give a nostalgic and sometimes melancholic mood to his artworks. 

Some of Ricz's works are inspired by the Eastern European political and social atmosphere of his childhood and the history of the region. The post-Communist dilapidation and memories from the war-torn Yugoslavia gave the main inspiration for his early works.


Geza Ricz was born in 1980 in ex Yugoslavia in a Hungarian family. In 1994 he moved to Hungary. Since 2015 he has lived and worked in Salzburg, Austria.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2011 and with a Master degree in the Faculty of Arts in 2013 from the University of Szeged (HU).

Ricz’s main artistic field is painting but he works as a graphic designer as well. He has worked for clients like Red Bull, Burn, Leica, Telenor and Suzuki. His artworks have been featured in many magazines (e.g. The Red Bulletin(AT), Art Maze Mag(UK), Symposion(SRB), Új Művészet(HU), ÉS(HU), Offline Magazine(HU), K-arton(SRB).

He is a member of CTR-V art group, Random art group, and the Salzburger Kunstverein.