gabriel rico

  • b. 1980
  • Currently in Mexico.
  • I consider myself an ontologist with a heuristic methodology.


My work is developed in zone of one object crisscrosses with another´s in the interobjecyive configuration space. I try to create pieces that fragment the composition of contemporary human and evidencing the geometric imperfection in the nature using the gedankenexperiments like beginning. I have always been fascinated with the philosophical analogies and scientific disciplines, my work has been influenced by the sciences that study the form and the space, I consider myself a believer in matter, an ontologist with a heuristic methodology, sometimes I using technology tools and scientific models as metaphors for collective memory. I use deconstruction and re contextualization as methods to continue the development of my investigation in areas such as knowledge materializations & the fragility of space. My work tries to refer to a reflection on the nature of the pieces from the materials used to produce them and their arrangement in the final composition.


A critic of my work made by Oh Se-won(General Manager, Craft & Design Promotion Division of the Cultural Station 284 in Seoul)

Gabriel Rico Jiménez thinks of historical, cultural contexts, in a physical space where artworks are installed. His artistry touches common esthetical sentiments by delving into the contexts through reflective acts by introducing usual objects in an expected, sensual way.(in case of installations in the same specific places as Estado or Elevando el espacio a la dignidad de atributo de Dios) Such course is preceded by his artistic interpretation of ‘common’ ideas, leading to communication whereby receivers are naturally invited, lingering in front of uneasy artworks. Combined with ordinary articles and acts, resulting traces are his messages. His work is currently in much progress, assisted by his attention paid to anatomizing various contexts with various media. Characteristically, his work activities are never separated from his routine life. He does not pass by abandoned, trivial things at hand, only to think about illusions and surplus falsehood from capitalism, as individual resistance against them as well as ideological preferences. His defying practices feature his unique analysis of sentiments that is attributed to his unusual experiences. He felt regretful due to the lack of sincere communication under specific circumstances.