Gabriel Orłowski

  • Poland (b. 1989 in Warsaw)
  • Currently in Warsaw, Poland.


Born 1989, lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. Photographer, musician, also works with video, 3d and digital art. A graduate of Leon Schiller’s Polish National Film, TV and Theatre School in Łódź with MFA in photography. Interested in the issues of modernity - liquidity, simulation, pleasure, as well as humanities and theory of perception. Collects artbooks and zines.


  • Pepsi vs Cola
    Self-published zin, edition of 500, 16 pages on 45g offset paper.
  • Moloch
    CD reissue cover (coproduction with Kuba Sokólski) and booklet with collages for Merkabah - jazz/progressive band I play in since 2007
  • Anti-Accent
    Photobook published by dieNacht Publishing - Editions, 100 copies.


  • Revue Batarde #3: La Cellule / Belgium
  • Die Angst Magazine #2 / Germany
  • HANT Magazine #7: BUND FÜRS LEBEN / Germany
  • A5 Magazine: Youth / Israel
  • Trendwolves' European Youth Trend Report / Belgium
  • Rwa Zin #2: Error / Poland
  • Revue Batarde #2: Le Bonheur / Belgium
  • dieNacht Magazine: Young Polish Photographers / Germany