Flóra Kőszeghy

  • Hungary (b. 1980 in Debrecen)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.



I graduated at the Architectural Faculty of the Budapest University Technology and Economics in 2006. I became architect to have the opportunity to make large artifacts. I was always experimenting with the way of expressing something more, than the practical usefulness of a buliding. I started the DLA just after graduating. My research field is the connection between architecture and other art genders, where intedisciplinary thinking evokes new tehroretical approaches.

Though I was always painting, I am making exhibitions and shows only since 2016. Since, I have the opportunity to communicate my point of view through paintings. These are experiments, where I bring the subjectivity and emotions of a planar surface work together with a spatial event. For me painting begins, whith the photographical way of cutting a piece of space, and tranforming it into a two dimensional image. The way of seeing is an act of framig, where I search for an image, that involves the viewer with its composition and the unrecognisability of the subject. The different ways and techniques of painting distract the mind from the logical and rational way of undestanding. The insecurity caused by all these is my way of questioning everything. The scale of these paintings comes from the opportunity to define a spatial event with a painting, which is provided by their size.

As an architect I had worked on several large projects, where the concepual and social approach was just as important, as the artistic expression of the site specific idea, that evoked emotionally and subjectively. Meanwhile I was doing researches on the interaction between the planar, spatial and temporal dimensions of buildings, spaces, images, virtual spaces and the variations of all these.

As I was one of the designer of the Budapest Telekom and T-Systems Headquaters I had the opportunity to transform my concept to a large scale artifact. As a member of the Tiba Architecture Studio among other tasks I was responsible for the design of the golden christallic sculptures on the facade, and the glass roof above the atrium. These were cut out parts of a larger surface, behaving as a contemporary way of ornament, showing that art and architecture should be connected coneptually, while the design phase.

Besides the buildings and the paintings I am working on theoretical models and installations. These show that the cut can be a three dimensional gesture. The extensions can be considered as variable factors, where the viewer’s scale and conciusness can be doubted. This is my way of experimenting with the mind.


Flóra Kőszeghy graduated and worked as an architect since graduating at the BME Architectural faculty of Budapest. Since she has worked in several offices on many large and representative projects. these were rather conceptual plans, only the Telekom and T-System's Headquaters Office building was realised, but meanwhile she was obtained the absolutorium at the doctoral school of the BME.

Since she was painting since the age of 5 her researches are connected to her artistic concept. She is investigating the connection between the different art genders. The theoretical and conceptual approach is visible in her paintings. While exhibiting she integrates the paintings inner space to the room's three dimensional narrative, which interacts with the painting's surface and dinamics.

In her spatial concepts the three dimensional and planar relations are revealed in different proportions and relations.