Fischer Judit



I both do paintings and sculptures and collaborative works. The connection between them is the way of thinking. My paintings and sculptures tries to reach the minimum of representation. Their presence tries to be as simple as can be. They ask the viewer to complete them with their emotions and thoughts.They are tokens. They are screens and also a language. The objects I choose should be ordinary but not evident. Rarely observed, unnoticeable, almost invisible. Sometimes they are sarcasm of the serious art. I use old printer paper, and school brush, plasticines for child My favourite subjects are bad quality toy art devices, cheap party decorations (they are vanitas symbols for me), hybrid, kentaur objects (they are not what they seem) Once Miklós Erhardt told about my pictures: the size criteria is the object I choose that it should fits into my mouth. Its not completely true, but I try to use as less material as i can,three drops of saliva with a little paint. The objects said to be the representation of the self, my pictures are the representation of a representation.The sculptures are representation of an object as an object. The collaborative works come from working together with Miklós Mécs We founded together the Mouth and Brain Painter Artists of the World’s Association. We make little gestures to twist out the reality and drift ourselves and others into absurd situations.- Our exhibitions are more like events and effects all the senses. We often use public spaces. We frequently collaborate with other artists in different projects. We are collecting ideas, plans of artworks- thats what our manifesto is about. Both two ways of art rooted in the east european method of art- making -more thinking and contemplating than working.