ferenc gnandt

  • Hungary (b. 1972 in Debrecen)
  • Currently in Pécs, Hungary.


If I glance at my present works I neither can nor want to define them at all. During creating I focus on to ignore the common artistic definitions or aims. Only one thing remains that believe in process. Basically this belief is what wake me to do them. After this playful and instinctive process I take photos about them since they are only temporary creations. In effect only these photos are functioning as unrepeatable art products. Presently it leads my method.


I was born in Debrecen, Hungary in 1972, currently live and work in Pécs. I finished my studies at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, as a painter artist, in 2015. I studied under painter László Valkó. I received the Ernô Tolvaly Painting Prize at this University in 2011 and in 2015.

I had been gone to London, South England and South Portugal so as to do study tours there several time. I've been looking on them like self-directed Residency programs.


  • Der Mensch. Der Fluss. Along the river of men. 79-83 pages. Editor: Martin Rill. Süddeutsche Verlagsgesellschaft, Ulm, 2011.