Eva Škrovinová

  • Slovakia (b. 1989 in Nitra)
  • Currently in Prague, Czech Republic.


I describe the content of my work as a form of production of signs, that is experienced as highly personalized. I perceive the medium with which I express myself as diffusely limited moments, situations, space and materials.

My work is based on the principles of the medium of painting, so technically, it can be described as conceptual or expanded painting. But, I like moments when the idea of work naturally swings between the media, does not seem stylized, and cannot be firmly defined.

I find inspiration in my own trauma and anxiety: what should I accomplish, how should I behave, what is allowed and what is not. Similarly, I work with the "canvas". I bend the stereotypes and prejudices of the medium of painting. For someone it may be completely banal, natural shapes, combinations, but for others, it may be beyond their normative view, their boundaries.
I choose the titles of the works with foresight and irony, as phrases, that someone addressed to me at the moment when I did not fit into their limits.

I am currently focusing on the idea: to eliminate the addiction of canvas on the wall. I give canvas new support, stability, sometimes up to "legs" so that it can "escape". I wonder how it will handle this new freedom.