Eszter  Sziksz

  • Hungary (b. 2000)
  • Currently in Sarasota, FL, United States.


Eszter Sziksz


Life is the biggest miracle of all – but is restricted to a short time span. I am very interested in the relation of the period of being alive and time after and before. I try to decompose my visual message than build my images back to together and show them as a cycle.  My process, working and printing on ice allowed me to step above the everyday physical and chronological limitations. I can freeze time and control when it starts to unfreeze or thaw. It is amazing!

This body of work is a combination of installations; time based video work, digital prints about melting screen printed female portraits, three dimensional prints and books.




Eszter Sziksz is a European artist, and has traveled and lived in several countries from Asia to Europe. Eszter's work blends papermaking, installation and video elements. She is an active artist shown at the regional and international level from Tokyo to Budapest. She won the Prix de Print No.28 competition by Art in Print Magazine, Eszter`s works were mentioned at Art in Print Magazine, Volume 5 number 2 and The Guardian piece were featured on the cover of the Volume 7 number 6. After earning a BA from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Eszter made her way to Memphis College of Art where she completed an MFA degree. She is recently working on her doctor degree in Fine Arts from Pecsi Tudomany Egyetem, Pecs, Hungary