Eliáš Dolejší

  • Czech Republic (b. 1982 in Prague)
  • Currently in Prague, Czech Republic.



The topic of my next exhibition is experience of the sacred, the boundaries of its perception and the revelation of a distinctive experience. From a broader perspective I see this question as a grasp of the feeling of holiness in a profane society. A seeming paradox of my exhibition is the use of perishable material in order to express eternal values which, again paradoxically, also appear perishable nowadays. Harmony and complexity would not exist without contradictions.


Memory, and not only human memory, is time receding into the past. This time neither disappears nor is it lost, because it settles into the material I place in its way – not as a barrier but as an opportunity for expression or form. My works are something like fossils, frozen during transformation and preserved in various stages thereof. In some cases they are a record and experience of a naked thought and an attempt to transcend the outer limits of thought. They also frequently apply certain properties and phenomena – expressions of corporality – that we can see or feel in nature or human life: a change of material structure as a change of information, gravitation, levitation, decomposition.

My works are multivalent. They are symbols that evoke the past as well as a completely original material structure. They are also multivalent for the reason that the path of time from creation to destruction and in movement from past to present and back from present to past is captured in them at a certain moment and in both directions at once. Neither one means destruction, however, but rather the internal dynamic of time.

I often gather the individual components for my works in various locations in the city or nature. These items have lost their original function and been left to mere existence stripped of meaning. I then make use of their material properties and content for my own expression, leading them to take on new meaning and become an imprint, a trace of the present.


  • Burning through: Ivan Pinkava, Eliáš Dolejší
  • Dolejší, Kaplan, Míča, Spirova, Velická
  • Socha 2 AVU 1990-2016 Demartini-Zeithammel