Eleni Parthenopi Kampuridis

  • Austria (b. 1978 in Vienna)
  • Currently in Vienna, Austria.
  • The picture of me is within the charityauction I organized for the private art school in Vienna


I am interested in the system of painting. Painting is color on square in a space. I enlarge these items and I try to move them up. I started with exploring different techniques of painting and became further more interested in the construction of a picture and the surrounding of painting. This means the studio, the museum and the gallery spaces. So after all I deconstructed the picture with taking down the canvas and had a visible space behind. I had the frame as an object and a " picture " framed and the question what a picture is, how the space behind is construced. I destroyed the frame as well step by step always asking is this a picture, whats the awarness, is it complete  and whats with the space when I change the elements of space as well and what is the influence from all of that means for a picture in a space. As I deconstructed the picture I decided to make no classical artworks anymore, because without canvas no painting, i decide to build cardboard models, to draw, to photograph and to translate questions to space, awarness time and mobility to the space in a simple way. I reuse the materials after see whatever I want to see and after a photographic documentation, which is also no artwork. My aim is also to simplyfy artworks that everyone can understand it. I also want that people participate on my work and touch it and I show my failures as well.

Now I am working on enlargement of space, and I build a hole for it. For this I painted my space black. I am also interested in constructing artworks which are playing with awareness and fulfill an object in mind like Watzlawik communication rules. And I like to construct spaces which start with the personal abilities of looking and mobility and time. Because spaces awareness is changing when we are moving or not. I am also working in creating  color objects. This means to use the color itself as an object. For this i will harden oil color and put it into the space. So the space becomes an installation. The installation transforms into painting.


Born 1978 Vienna, Austria


2004 - 2006 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria studied at classes of Prof. Walter Obholzer ( abstract painting ), Prof. Heimo Zobernig  (textual sculpture ) and Prof. Manfred Pernice ( object sculpture ) MA Fine Arts,

2003 Academy of Fine Arts Athens, Greece,, Prof. Yannis Psychopaidis ( painting class ),student exchange ,

Selected exhibitions:

Upcoming exhibitions and Events: 2016 Auction SOS Mitmensch,  2016 Galerie 5020 Salzburg group show, September 2015 IG Bildende Kunst Handapparat der Neugierde,Vienna group show,

Past exhibitons: Kleine Lieblnge Group Show Vienna 2015,  Interior 2, group show Vienna 2015, Lust Gallery  Vienna " One Piece for one euro, group show, 2014 IG Bildende Kunst, Tweet Kim Il Sung , group show Vienna, 2013, Austrian photographies from 1930s til today, 21 er Haus Vienna group show Vienna

Curated shows with Friday Exit 2013 / 2014 / self government off space, 

Curated show " Interior 2  " together with Lia Gulua, AusstellungInterior 2