Dorottya Poór

  • Hungary (b. 1987 in Budapest)
  • Currently in Budapest, Hungary.



The process of painting is for me a reciprocal dialogue with the materials because both the paints and the substrate have their own activity that I try to take into account and react to. I think the “activity” of the materials greatly contributes to the functioning of the image and gives the painting “liveliness”.

In my work I gave an important role to experimental painting: I am interested in the behaviour of symbolism and power of materials, shapes, different painting qualities, colours (etc.): through these I try to create a kind of emotional block, a complex of feelings. Second, most of my paintings are also characterized by narrativity: I try to capture something essential from the world and communicate it through my own point of view: I try to reflect the world in a way through my paintings. To me, the image works similarly to a poem: instead of words and sentences, the sight is the mediator, only part of which can be translated into words. I try to do a kind of visual poetry in my painting.

Usually, my images have a reading and / or story of their own, but I strive for my paintings to evoke a multitude of associations, so multiple narratives are possible with the active participation of the recipient.



2006-2013 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest

2005-2006 Eötvös Lóránd University - Faculty of Science