Dávid Kovács-Gombos

  • Hungary (b. 1979 in Sopron)
  • Currently in Budakeszi, Hungary.
  • Association of Hungarian Creative Artists, Faculty of Painters Association of Hungarian Fine Arts, Faculty of Painters


My paintings are prepared with classic techniques. I apply the diluted oil paint onto the canvas with paintbrush. My works are simplified landscapes. I intend to keep my art on the thin line which separates the abstract pictures from scenery landscapes.

I focus on the very close and the very far perspectives. As if the blades of grass just right in front of our eyes, encompassing the whole scene thickly, would hide ourselves. In the endlessly opened sceneries, the earth and the sky unite and melt together.  The shade is my most precious tool: with the vanishing contours I compel the observer to think beyond the picture itself.