Dana Bartoníčková

  • Czech Republic (b. 1988 in Pardubice)
  • Currently in Prague, Czech Republic.



A pure minimalist solution between structure and its inner existential and physical tension.

I am loosely inspired by social phenomena, at diversity of the expression of the masculine and feminine principles, habits and behaviors of people, communities and relations between people. Structure of each role in society we have and what’s defines us as a human being through the centuries. Connections of between modern society and old cultures make me transform it to narratives which speaks our language, and with pinch of humor creating a satirical point of view.


The intensity of the expression is given by the fragility of the form, which is made by the technology of wax inlay. I am creating my own visual and content language, with which I communicatively quotes primitive prehistoric statues. In a figurative sense, it could be interpreted as divine revelations of today's population, to which, as in ancient cultures, we turn today.


I create my own specific technique based on wax inlays. Combination of wax and diodes light creates mystical feeling witch I find very helping to express connection between humans and universe, finding bigger meaning of our life, and showing women‘s fragile world inside. I collect and transform the techniques from all my experiences with sculpture in tradition ways. Trying find a new way how to work with each techniques as a wax, plaster or concrete. Many of my sketches leads me to find a character of each specific project, lots of reading is behind all meanings and concepts although my work is mostly intuitive.


I’m living by a present moment and if circumstances, health and resources gives me an opportunity to make art until the end of my life I would be more then happy to. Although as every artists wish is to be represented by gallerist in Czech republic or even by Gallery abroad. 

This year I am focusing on creating more artefacts in combination of concrete, wax and light. I am trying to replace diode lights by glass rod and one source of light to make a sustainable piece of art. Combination of wax (in my submission) and concrete I find very attractive to me, especially contrast between raw concrete and fragile and smooth wax.

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Dana Bartoníčková completed her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the studio of Lukáš Rittstein Sculpture. Over the years, she also went through the studio of Intermedia Creation of Pavla Sceranková and Dušan Zahornaský, formerly the studio of Jiří Příhoda Monument. In 2017, she completed an internship at Cooper Union in New York. The artistic work of Dana Bartoníčková is a pure minimalist solution of the structure and its internal existential and physical tension. She is freely inspired by social phenomena and everyday situations. She focuses on larger realizations, using various properties of materials, most often wax. Her work is often narrative and together with many drawings and sketches, creates a diverse whole with an unmistakable handwriting.