Comunite Fresca

  • Czech Republic (b. 1990 in Praha)
  • Currently in Brno/Praha, Czech Republic.
  • Dana Balážová (*1989) Markéta Filipová (*1990) Marie Štindlová (*1990) Individual CV's to be found under the artist statement.


1. Malujeme vlastní fresky. Neopravujeme ty staré.

2. Jedna rozměrná malba, kde se tři rukopisy spojí v jeden.

3. Tvorba je obezřetným dialogem mezi námi, obrazem a prostorem.

4. Plánujeme, ale ne za každou cenu. Omítka rychle schne a my rychle jednáme.


1. We paint our own frescos. We don´t restore the old ones.

2. One large painting, where three different art styles merge into one.

3. The artwork is a cautious dialogue between us, the painting and surrounding space.

4. We make plans, but the plaster determines our strokes. As the plaster dries quickly, we act quickly, too.


  • We are intrested in using ancient technique of fresco in a contemporary way. Our intention is learning the practical aspects of the technique and interacting with different environments and people/clients. We are intrested in creating art in private or public spaces, more than conventional exhibitions. We want our production to be part of everyday life.
  • We studied old masters in Firenze and we tend to step into every church we meet on our journeys. Our inspiration comes from artworks created through out the centuries until the present days. From frescos of Pompei, through street art, nature, symbolic meanings, modernism to dirty walls. The cooperation of three different personalities with three different ways of thinking causes dissolution of one strong opinion, therefore no specific influence can be seen.
  • Please read the statement above.
  • We react directly to the features of particular space and wishes of client. After careful and focused individual sketching we are discussing and composing the final art piece. The work changes constantly as we have to consider ideas and opinions of all three of us.
  • Our goal is to improve all aspects of the fresco technique and also discovering other related approaches, like sgraffito, maroccan stucco etc. We plan to contact various architect studios and offer cooperation. We woul'd like to create as many realizations as possible, to paint on interesting places for interesting people. Our future dream is to paint fresco in a seaside villa.



Dana Balážová (*1989)
2010 – 2016 – FaVU VUT, Brno
2010 – 2016 – Video Studio, Martin Zet
2011 – Environment Studio, Barbora Klímová
2012 – École de Beaux Art v Nimes, France
2014 – Studio Painting 2, Luděk Rathouský
2015 – Studio of the visiting artist, Josef Dabernig, Academy of Fine Arts, Praha 
2009 – 2010 – UUD ZČU, Plzeň, Studio of Multimedia, Dušan Zahoranský
2018 – Nástupiště 1-12 Multimedia space, Slovakia
2018 – Ostrale Bienalle, Dresden
2016 – AiC Štefle, SAM 83 Česká Bříza

Markéta Filipová (*1990)
2010 – 2016 – FaVU VUT, Brno
2010 – 2016 – Studio Painting 3, Petr Kvíčala
2015 – Fakultät Medien, Bauhaus Universität, Weimar, Germany
2015 – Studio Painting 2, Luděk Rathouský
2013 – Facultad de Bellas Artes, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Cuenca, Spain
2018 – Nástupiště 1-12 Multimedia space, Slovakia

Marie Štindlová (*1990)
2009 – 2015 – FaVU VUT, Brno
2013 – 2015 – Studio Painting 1, Vasil Artamonov
2013 – Asagaya, Tokyo
2011 – 2013 – Studio Painting 3, Petr Kvíčala
2011 – Studio of the visiting artist, Silke Otto-Knapp, Academy of Fine Arts, Praha
2010 – ESA Lorient, France
2009 – 2010 – Studio of Body design, Jana Preková
2017 – 2018 – Brno A.I.R.
2018 – Nástupiště 1-12 Multimedia space, Slovakia