Catriona Robertson



I am currently working in sculpture, installation and printmaking using an array of materials and technical processes. My work considers the relationship of both found and crafted objects, exploring the physical properties of materials, existing in the space between sculpture, assemblage and drawing. Each piece is a continued inquiry from previous work that I have made, following on to the next. Investigating material properties with a concept in mind, I combine this with aesthetics both informing equal parts of my process, the making process being an integral part of my work.

Using concrete as a casting material I am exploring its structural properties in an attempt to reveal an element of fragility in its form, creating sculptural assemblages that have an architectural resemblance yet raw sense of formation. Playing with the idea of concrete as a weighty substance, I find means to obscure this by manipulating the viewers’ expectations of the material. These sculptures embody the consequences of the mould; the ‘Void’ capturing space through surface and texture. The void itself is formed in the mould making process, both positive and negative. Light as a medium is at the basis of my work, using it to manipulate objects and transform my sculptures. Light creates an extension of the object through shadows and formations on the surface of the material., or by passing through the void as tunnels of light.



Catriona Robertson is an artist currently living and working in London, making work in a range of materials including sculpture, painting and printmaking.